Feline vaccination Lake Oswego, OR

Several diseases that might harm cats can be avoided with the right pet vaccinations. When you initially bring your cat to Cat Care Professionals, we’ll make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date and put them on a schedule to ensure they continue to be updated.


Feline vaccination Lake Oswego, OR

Our veterinarians will go over the appropriate course of action for your pet’s vaccination plan based on their age, medical history, lifestyle, and environment. For their initial round of vaccinations, you can bring your cat in as early as eight weeks.

After your pet receives the initial vaccinations, you will need to bring him or her back for boosters approximately every three months. Depending on the vaccine and your pet’s lifestyle, booster shots will be given to your pet every one to three years after the original vaccination series is complete.

Panleukopenia (feline distemper), feline herpesvirus type I, feline calicivirus, and rabies are the main cat vaccines. All of these safeguard your cat from significant health problems. Depending on how you raise your cat and how your kitty lives, you might also wish to vaccinate it against the feline leukaemia virus. We’ll talk about your cat’s lifestyle and decide which vaccinations are necessary during the session.