Feline Nutritional Counseling Lake Oswego, OR

Feline nutrition is a crucial aspect of a cat’s health and well-being. At Cat Care Professionals, we provide comprehensive nutritional counseling and guidance to help you make informed decisions about your cat’s diet, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients and vitamins they need to thrive.

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Feline Nutritional Counseling

If your adult cat is healthy, you may have chosen a pet food based simply on whether or not they will eat it. Your choice may also be influenced by cost. But not all pet foods are created equal. Additionally, feeding the proper quantity is more complicated than simply adhering to the package’s instructions (which are only guidelines). By selecting the right diet, you can start your pet on a lifetime of healthy eating and help them avoid many issues, such as allergies, nutritional deficiencies, skin and coat issues, and obesity.

The nutritional needs of cats depend on a number of variables, including age, breed, and health. Senior pets, for example, have nutritional needs that are very different from those of kittens, and animals with diabetes, kidney disease, and other medical conditions can benefit from special diets.

Our veterinarians can help you make informed decisions about your pet’s food. We can counsel you on which meals are the best choices based on your pet’s needs and your financial considerations, how much to feed, and even how to decipher pet food labels. We can create a nutrition plan specifically for your pet, and we’re also happy to work with owners to help their overweight pets get down to a healthy weight. Call us to set up a personalized nutrition consultation for you and your pet.


It’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed by all the pet meals on the market. We can help you weed through the choices and find a kitten food that will meet your growing cat’s specific nutritional needs.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about nutrition or to need a food recommendation. We’re happy to help!

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