• Jul 26 2019

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    Why Do Cats Have Bad Breath?

    Believe or not, cats aren’t supposed to have such bad breath. While you wouldn’t expect their breath to be minty fresh, really unpleasant smells usually indicate a problem. Up to…

  • Apr 17 2019

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    Do Cats Really Need Routine Exams?

    It's a common misconception that routine exams are just for vaccinations. While they're important, these visits are about more than just vaccines. If your cat isn't getting regular veterinary care,...
  • Jan 09 2019

    Answers to the Top 10 Questions About Cats

      Have you ever wondered why cats purr, why they knead, or why they like boxes so much? If so, you’re not alone! According to Google, these are the top…

  • Oct 16 2018

    15 Symptoms to Never Ignore in Cats

      Cats are experts at hiding their symptoms. In the wild, this is beneficial because potential predators can’t easily tell when they’re sick or injured, but for domestic cats, this…

  • Jun 25 2018

    “What Plants Are Poisonous to Cats?”

    Summer is finally here! While most of us can’t wait to ditch the cabin fever and breathe some life back into our homes, it’s important to know how to cultivate a...
  • Jun 05 2018

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    How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture

    While it can be frustrating when your cat scratches on your furniture, scratching is a natural behavior that is necessary for cats to be healthy. It helps to remove the…

  • Mar 19 2018

    4 Quick Facts About Dental Care for Cats

      Imagine what it would be like if you never brushed your teeth or went to the dentist. For many cats, this a painful reality, but it doesn’t have to…

  • Nov 04 2017

    5 Ways to Save Money on Your Vet Bills

    We all want what’s best for our pets, and it’s no secret that healthcare can be expensive, but with the following tips taking good care of them doesn’t have to…

  • Sep 15 2017

    15 Quick Tips to Improve Your Cat’s Diet

      A good diet is essential to helping cats live longer, healthier lives. In many ways, it acts as preventative medicine and will actually save you money by avoiding the…

  • Jun 14 2017

    How to Protect Your Cat from Fleas

      It’s that time of year! Do you remember the Advantix commercial with the puppy singing, “There ain’t no bugs on me?” Well, if you’re not protecting your cat from…