Feline Spaying Lake Oswego, OR

At Cat Care Professionals, we offer safe and effective feline spaying services to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and promote your cat’s overall health and well-being. Our experienced veterinarians utilize advanced techniques and technologies to ensure a successful procedure and a smooth recovery for your furry friend.


Feline Spaying Lake Oswego, OR

By spaying your female pet, you’re protecting her against potentially deadly diseases, including bacterial infections, reproductive tract diseases, and several types of cancer. You also won’t have to worry about her going into heat. This means avoiding the pacing and crying that happens with female cats. In addition, spaying your pet will help control the cat overpopulation problem, keeping more animals out of shelters.

Spaying, which involves removing the ovaries and uterus, is a surgical procedure and does need to be performed with the pet under anesthesia. We follow strict protocols and continually monitor your pet’s vital signs to help ensure her safety. Please see the descriptions under Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring for more information on what we do to keep your pet safe.

To set up an appointment to have your pet spayed or to learn more about this procedure, call or visit our clinic. If you are struggling with the decision of whether to spay your pet, please call us so we can discuss your concerns.