• Nov 04 2017

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    5 Ways to Save Money on Your Vet Bills

    We all want what’s best for our pets, but it’s no secret that healthcare can be expensive. With the following tips, taking good care of them doesn’t have to be…

  • Sep 15 2017

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    15 Quick Tips to Improve Your Cat’s Diet

    A good diet is essential to helping cats live longer, healthier lives. It acts like preventative medicine and will save you money in the long run by avoiding complications from…

  • Jun 14 2017

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    How to Protect Your Cat from Fleas

    It’s that time of year! Do you remember the Advantix commercial with the puppy singing, “There ain’t no bugs on me?” Well, if you’re not protecting your cat from fleas,…

  • May 16 2017

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    Care for Senior Cats

    Did you know that when cats reach the age of 7, they are considered to be mature adults, and at the age of 11, they are considered to be seniors?…

  • Mar 20 2017

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    Preventative Care Recommendations for Cats

    Did you know the number of reported cases of rabies is far higher in cats than in dogs, FeLV is a leading viral killer in cats, and 1 in 4…

  • Dec 19 2016

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    New Year’s Resolutions for Your Cat

    It’s almost 2017! Toward the end of December, a lot of us sit down to make our New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s to spend more time with family, eat better,…

  • Dec 14 2016

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    “I Can’t Get My Cat Into Their Carrier!”

    As cat owners ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to bring your cat to the vet. Aside from the stress of leaving home, getting your cat into their…

  • Nov 11 2016

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    Diabetes in Cats

    Did you know that pets are susceptible to many of the same diseases as humans, including diabetes? In fact, the number of cats being diagnosed with diabetes is on the…

  • Oct 20 2016

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    Disaster Preparedness for Cats

    If you live here in Portland or in the surrounding areas, then you’ve probably heard about the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake that is predicted to hit our area, and you…

  • Sep 27 2016

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    “I Can’t Get My Cat to Take His Medicine!”

    No one likes the idea of having to medicate their cat at home, especially if you have an uncooperative kitty. Don’t be discouraged if you’re having a difficult time, though….