Dr. Cornwell holding her catDr. Theresa Cornwell

After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1990 and entering the veterinary field, Dr. Cornwell recognized the limitations of practices that offered treatment to many different types of animals. In 1992, she decided to devote her work exclusively to the care of cats. After 3 years training in a feline-only practice, she launched the Cat Care Professionals veterinary clinic in 1995. With a belief that high-stress situations can trigger or exacerbate illness, Dr. Cornwell strives to provide a calm and relaxed environment for all patients. As the proud “mother” of 6 felines, she understands the joys and challenges that come with having cats as companions. In her daily practice, Dr. Cornwell provides cat owners with the insights that over 27 years of experience have given her. All her patients are shown the same compassion and care she provides to her own pets.


Dr. Ellingsen holding her cat, OtisDr. Kris Ellingsen

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1988, Dr. Ellingsen spent two years as a veterinarian at a small animal practice. Realizing her dream of working exclusively with cats, she spent 9 years at one of the nation’s original feline-exclusive hospitals in Seattle, Washington. In 2002, she brought her skills and experience to Oregon to join Dr. Cornwell at Cat Care Professionals. Dr. Ellingsen demonstrates her devotion to the health and well-being of all pets through her work as a spay and neuter surgeon in Portland with the Oregon Humane Society and other local pet shelters. She is also on the Board of Directors and is the current President of the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO), volunteering regularly for their spay/neuter clinics. She shares her home with 3 adorable cats; 12 year-old Otis is shared in the photo.