• Dec 08 2015

    Cat Tales – Sadie (Stomatitis)

    When Linda adopted Sadie from Meow Village, a local feline rescue, she had no idea she would learn so much about a cat’s mouth in the coming months. Originally, Sadie…

  • Nov 05 2015

    Cat Tales – Willy (Acupuncture for Cats)

    See that handsome guy in the photo? That’s Willy, a 13 year-old cat who was diagnosed with a sarcoma (a.k.a. cancerous tumor) affecting his front leg. Unfortunately, Willy suffers from...
  • Oct 27 2015

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    Halloween Superstitions About Cats (Bonus – Holiday Safety!)

    Happy Halloween! Whether you’re busy dipping caramel apples, carving pumpkins, or putting the finishing touches on your costume, have you ever wondered how cats came to be associated with Halloween?…

  • Jun 08 2015

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    5 Tips for Introducing a New Cat into Your Home

    Congratulations on welcoming a new feline to your family! Whether you’re a new or experienced pet owner, adopting a cat is always an exciting time, but you probably have a…

  • May 14 2015

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    Heartworm in Cats (Not Just a Dog Disease!)

    The seasons are changing, and along with warmer weather comes mosquitoes, which means your cat’s risk of getting heartworm disease increases. Did you know that heartworm disease doesn’t just affect…

  • Apr 20 2015

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    National Pet ID Week

    It is said that 1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point in their life. To make matters worse, only 2% of lost cats are ever returned to…

  • Dec 18 2014

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    Common Holiday Hazards for Cats

    Just the other day, a cat came to see us who needed urgent treatment after drinking an additive from the water under her family’s Christmas tree. It actually isn’t uncommon…

  • Dec 01 2014

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    Cat Tales – Emeishan (Dental Disease in Cats)

    It’s time for another Cat Tale! Since we’ve been talking a lot about the importance of preventative care, we wanted to share the story of one of our patients named…

  • Nov 20 2014

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    “Does My Cat Really Need an Annual Exam?”

    Time for a flu shot? It may be time to bring your cat in for their annual exam and vaccinations as well. We know how tempting it can be to…

  • Oct 14 2014

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    National Animal Safety and Protection Month

    For all of us here at Cat Care Professionals, our cats aren’t just pets. They’re part of our families, and ensuring their safety is one of our main responsibilities as…