Virtual Tour of Our Boarding Facility


Virtual Tour of Our Boarding Facility


Our Boarding Facility

Welcome to our feline exclusive boarding facility, located in Lake Oswego, Oregon near Portland and surrounding areas.


The Suite

The suite provides more room for multi-cat families. Along with amenities such as beds, food/water, treats, toys, and litter boxes, it includes a large structure for playing, hiding, and relaxing as well as a television that plays DVDs made just for cats.



Each condo provides room for a bed, food/water, treats, toys, and a litter box as well as a shelf for jumping and cozy compartments off to the side.

Cats love our facility because they naturally seek places where they feel safe, and unlike dogs, they prefer smaller spaces (especially in unfamiliar environments!) so we designed our condos specifically for cats to minimize stress and give them a place to find comfort while they’re away from home.

In addition, all of the rooms look out onto large windows that feature plants and bird feeders so cats can enjoy watching the local wildlife during their stay.

Lastly, each family is welcome to bring anything from home as long as it fits in a condo.