Keeping Your Cat Safe, Healthy, and Happy at Our Cat-Only Boarding Facility

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We know how important it is to find the right way to care for the cat members of your family when you are away from home. What if they get sick? What if they need to be given medications? Won’t they be lonely? Pet sitting services are nice, but what if something happens during the 23 hours each day that the cat sitter isn’t there?

Our B&B was created to provide loving care and close monitoring in a safe environment. We worry about your cat’s health and happiness so you don’t have to.

Unlike most kennels for cats, our facility was designed by veterinarians to provide the healthiest possible environment. For example, our facility is free of carpeting, which can house ringworm, parasites, and viruses. Also, special ventilation deters the airborne transmission of infectious agents. Last but not least, we have protocols which guide our dedicated staff of caregivers in order to allow each cat’s stay to be a healthy one.

As cat lovers ourselves, we understand that it is stressful for our feline boarding guests to be away from home. Like the best bed and breakfast, we take the time to get to know each cat’s unique personality along with their preferences and needs. Do they prefer extra cuddle time? Are they shy and like to hide? At Cat Care Professionals, we will provide anything that your cat requires and make sure they are as comfortable as they are at home.

Does your cat need a little extra help with grooming? Why not combine their boarding stay with a bath, mat removal, or nail trim? Even clients who bathe their cats at home or have a regular groomer find these services to be a convenient and affordable addition to their cats stay.

If special care is required, then our skills enable us to give medications, injections, and fluids, among others. Not to mention, if your cat needs medical care while boarding with us, then our feline exclusive veterinarians are on-site to provide immediate attention. (However, if you have a veterinarian that you know and trust, then we will work closely with them to provide any care necessary for your cat.)