“Why should I take my cat to a feline-exclusive doctor?”

  • Would you take your parent to your child’s pediatrician? Would you trust the pediatrician’s advice was well-informed about the special needs of a senior? Then why choose a vet for your cat that spends most of their day caring for dogs? Unlike traditional veterinarians who only spend a small portion of their time caring for cats, we spend all of our time with cats. Our doctors and staff have the experience to give your cat the special care she deserves.
  • Does your cat get scared going to the vet? Then why take him or her to a clinic with unfamiliar barking dogs? Our cat hospital is custom-designed to lower stress, from our caring staff with gentle handling practices to the non-scented cleaning agents and pheromone diffusers in each room to the quiet of a dog-free environment.
  • Want the most value for your money? Pay for the advice of cat professionals not just animal professionals. With years of experience along with continuing education each year, our doctors and staff simply know more about cats.
  • Does your cat deserve to be treated like a cat? Of course! Your cat wants a doctor that speaks their language. Our entire hospital is designed to fit the needs of our patients. From the room layouts to the equipment, everything is tailored to fit a cat’s unique needs.

“How do I schedule my first appointment?”

Scheduling your first appointment couldn’t be easier! Just call our office at (503) 968-6000 or request an appointment online. At this time, we will request some basic information including the contact info for your previous veterinarian which allows our doctors to familiarize themselves with your cat’s history before their exam.

“I scheduled an appointment, but I have trouble getting my cat into their carrier.”

We know how difficult it can be to transport your kitty from home to the veterinary clinic. Visit “I Can’t Get My Cat Into Their Carrier!” for helpful tips on how to make your cat more comfortable with their carrier and make trips away from home as easy as possible for your and your cat.

“Where is your facility located?”

We are located in Lake Oswego (near Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, and more!) so be rest assured that your cat won’t need to be in the car too long. We welcome you to visit our Hours & Location for more information including directions to the clinic.

“What should I expect at my first appointment?”

At your first appointment, one of our technicians will speak with you to collect detailed information about your cat for our medical records. Then, one of our experienced doctors will spend time getting acquainted with you and your cat, including performing a thorough physical examination. Be sure to bring along a list of any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with the doctor. Next, we’ll talk about the issues impacting the health of your cat, such as diet, exercise, behavioral concerns, flea and heartworm disease prevention, dental health, and vaccinations, as well as any necessary treatments and treatment plans.

Before leaving our clinic, your cat’s technician will clarify all of the doctor’s recommendations and provide you with the necessary written information to make sure that you have received the full value of your visit.

Above all, we use the initial visit as an opportunity to get to know you and your cat, to address your questions and concerns, to gauge your cat’s current condition, and to formulate a unique health plan. This first consultation will serve as the foundation of our long-term relationship. We look forward to meeting you!

Note: Due to Covid-19, we are operating under new protocols for the safety of our clients, patients, and staff, and we are providing all of our services through curbside appointments. For more information, visit our Covid-19 page.