Practice Manager

Laura has worked in the field of veterinary medicine since 1994. Her first job was at a large animal practice where she would go out on farm-calls after school and on the weekends. Later, she went on to work at the Humane Society of the Willamette Valley, where she learned how to care for cats and dogs in a shelter environment. Here, she became passionate about the importance of educating potential pet owners to ensure animals would end up in their forever homes. After her years at the Humane Society, Laura worked at a veterinary clinic in Salem, and she realized that working in a small animal practice was the area of veterinary medicine she loved the most. In 2000, Laura finally found her forever home at Cat Care Professionals. She loves helping clients get the information they need to make confident and comfortable choices for their cats. Laura lives in Wilsonville with her son and their two cats, Silverton and Derek.


McKenzie was born and raised in Southern Oregon. After attending Oregon State University, she worked at a cat and dog clinic in Medford for 3 years. This is where her passion for animal care and client education really started to unfold. Although she likes dogs, she has always had a preference and deep respect for cats. In fact, anytime she is asked about her hobbies or talents, “cat-petting” always makes the list! After re-locating to Portland, she joined the Cat Care Professionals team in 2007. In her free time, McKenzie shares her home in Sherwood with her husband, their young daughter, and their cat.


Kristine has lived in the Willamette Valley all her life. She has always had a passion for animals. She grew up on a farm and volunteered at the Willamette Valley’s humane society throughout high school. Just after graduation, she accepted a position caring for retired show horses. Then, she worked for a local veterinarian as part of the front office staff while continuing to volunteer for the humane society and wildlife rescues. In 2013, she and her daughter relocated to Tigard, and staying true to her lifelong passion for animals, she came to work at Cat Care Professionals. Kristine and her daughter share their home with their dog Chloe, cat Loly, and rabbit Lily.


Adrienne grew up in Utah. She has always had a love for animals, but when she was 9 years old her family moved next to a rescue, and she got an after-school job helping to clean, socialize, and groom the cats there. Ever since that time, cats have been a large part of her life. Over the years, she has been an active volunteer with shelters, sanctuaries, and trap-neuter-return groups. Before joining the team at Cat Care Professionals in 2013, she worked as the cat coordinator for the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals. Currently, she lives in King City with her husband, 4 cats, and a colony of 4 feral cats.


Alisa moved to Oregon in 2009. Her love of cats began when she found a feral kitten in the bushes on her walk home from elementary school. Unfortunately, due to her mother’s allergies, she had to find a different home for the kitten. Since then, she always wanted to care for a cat so the first thing she did when she moved out was adopt one from the Humane Society. She worked at a dog and cat clinic for 6 years before finding Cat Care Professionals. She currently lives in Tigard with her very spoiled cat, Mila, and her 40+ houseplants.

Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

Amanda was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, with dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, turtles, and birds. Despite a love for all animals, she found herself drawn to cats and, throughout her life, volunteered at many feline-only shelters while in her previous career as a book editor and English teacher. During this, she realized she wanted to pursue a career with animals and started exploring the veterinary field, including doing reception work at a feline-only hospital, client care work at a human-animal non-profit organization, and volunteering as a veterinary assistant at various shelters. She eventually went back to school and graduated in 2015 with a degree in Veterinary Technology and is a national and state-licensed CVT. She feels lucky to be able to spend her days working with cats, and then come home to her husband and their four cats Dolly Biskits, Smokey, Sienna, and Georgie, and also Miss Molly, the house bunny who rules them all.

Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

Ashley was born and raised in the Willamette Valley. Growing up surrounded by animals was what sparked her desire to pursue a career in the veterinary field. While attending Oregon State University, she worked with large animals, especially cows and horses. She then spent 5 years working for a small animal clinic in Salem that cared for both cats and dogs. This is where she discovered her love for small animal medicine and the importance of client education. While there, she also went through the veterinary technology program at San Juan College to become a certified veterinary technician. Ashley has always felt a strong connection with cats and has a passion for feline medicine so in 2020, she joined the team at Cat Care Professionals to fulfill her dream. She currently lives in Monmouth with her significant other and her three cats, Zoey, Mina, and Nora. When she isn’t playing with her cats, she enjoys hiking, reading, crochet, and other crafts.


Taylor was born and raised in rural Alaska. She grew up in a home with many animals: cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, and fish. In addition to caring for her family’s menagerie, she spent many weekends in high school volunteering at her local animal shelter. In 2013, Taylor moved to the Portland area. She worked in grocery, retail, and local government administration for several years but working with animals remained her true passion. She decided to pursue that passion and is excited to bring her client service experience, interest in animal biology and behavior, and lifelong love of cats to CCP. Taylor lives in Lake Oswego with her significant other and their two feline companions, Ginger and Oliver.


Jourdan was raised in Southern Utah. She always knew she had a passion for animals, but due to her mother’s severe allergies, she was never allowed the opportunity to work with them. It wasn’t until her sophomore year in high school when her mother met a Shih Tzu named Sammy, a shelter dog she just couldn’t resist. Jourdan and Sammy became fast friends and in 2016, they relocated to Oregon, where Jourdan was quickly able to start her own business walking dogs and house sitting for other pet owners. She eventually met her own cat companion, Mika, and the trio moved to Wilsonville, where Jourdan found her way to CCP in October of 2018.


Katie has cared for animals her whole life. She was raised with 4 cats, and she eventually became their primary caretaker. Katie spent her childhood volunteering at animal shelters, walking dogs, and pet sitting. She began working professionally in animal care in 2017, when she learned that she has a flair for working with special needs animals. She is currently an assistant and is interested in pursuing a career in veterinary nutrition. Katie currently lives in Portland with her tegu, her rat, and her childhood cat, Carlita Pepperpaws.